How to Take the Lateral Flow Antigen Test

The lateral flow kit is a useful device as it can immediately determine the result of your Covid test. This means that the testing can even be done at your home. Taking the lateral flow antigen test is not very technical; however, it can be daunting for someone taking it for the first time. The following article will detail the entire procedure, helping you correctly take the lateral flow antigen test.

Determine the type of kit

People can determine if they have been infected with Covid at home using the lateral flow tests for people with symptoms similar to Covid. There are many ways the test can be done, depending on your type of lateral flow kit. The test will either be done by a sample of the inner part of your nose or from the back of the throat using a swab. It is essential to know which sample your kit would require to provide an accurate test result. Refer to the user manuals that come with the lateral flow kit to determine its exact type and sampling procedure.

Preparation of test

Your hands must be absolutely clean before the test is conducted so that the results cannot be affected in any way. Wash or sanitize your hands thoroughly before handling the equipment and the swab. Observe all the equipment provided with the lateral flow kit and organize it on a desk to understand its purpose and function. Sometimes the tube provided with the kit is not prefilled, so it is necessary to fill it up with the liquid that came with the kit. Place all equipment in their allocated positions, specifically, the tube should be in its slot. Before taking the test, blow your nose and wash your hands thoroughly again.

Taking the sample

If your lateral flow kit results depend both on a nasal and throat swab, then first take a sample of your throat by rubbing the swab four times around the area where your tonsils are. Then, take a sample of the inner part of your nose using the same swab. If your kit only requires a nasal swab, it will not be required to take samples from the tonsils first.

Checking the results

The collected samples must be inserted into the tube and swirled around it to conduct an accurate test. After removing the swab from the tube, the liquid must be inserted into the test strip as directed in the instruction manual. The test result is shown on the lateral flow kit after a certain time has elapsed, typically around 15 to 30 minutes. Reading the test result correctly is very important, so take a look at how to look at the result provided by the lateral flow kit. Sometimes the result is inconclusive or not administrated properly, so the test must be undertaken again.

By looking at all the information provided in the article, you can better calculate your results and understand how the process is properly executed. It is necessary to make everyone aware if you get a positive result and immediately start your isolation for around 14 days, as the local health authorities indicate.