The Best Wide-Calf Boot Brands for Women

Only women can know the difficulty of finding the perfect pair of boots. To add on to this issue, there are those who prefer for the boots to land just above the knee or below the knee. Further complicating the issue is the issue of the size of the calves. Ladies with wide calves can testify to the challenges they have faced. They have searched store after store until they have come to the conclusion that high boots weren’t meant for them. Well, that’s where they are wrong. Identifying this issue, there are several brands who have made it their goal to make wide calf boots.

Still a little bit skeptical? We knew you would be. That’s why we have done our research on the matter and have narrowed down on the best wide-calf boots in the market. We have selected the ones that are both stylish and also very comfortable to wear. Continue reading and see the best brands that you should look out for next time you go shoe shopping.

Marc Fisher

Marc Fisher shoes and boots have always stood above the competition when it comes to quality and their knee-high wide-calf boots are not the exclusion to this rule. Their boots come in a soft material that shapes well to your wide calves. What also makes the Marc Fisher boots a good selection is a fact that the material does not slouch after repeated wear. This is a common observation among boots which Marc Fisher has clearly rectified.

Jeffrey Campbell

Let’s face it, ladies. One key issue with the boots is having one that is comfortable and easy to walk in. We would want you to be tripping all over the cobblestone sidewalk and hurting your ankle. Jeffrey Campbell offers that and more. Their wide-calf boots are made from a tough, resistant yet stretchy material that fits around your calf like a glove.

If your own with unusually large wide calves, the Jeffrey Campbell boots will mold themselves around your leg. Never will your legs look as shapely as they will in these boots.


For those ladies looking to pull off a veritable Texas look, Naturalizer is the shoe brand you should be looking for. The reason it is on this list is due to its genuine leather boots that are of good quality and available in different shades of color. However, due to the preference of most, we would recommend you to stick with the black and brown. They never disappoint when it comes to boots.

Naturalizer offers classic and genuine cowgirl boots that should fit you snugly.


Nordstrom really understands the problems for ladies when it comes to finding the perfect boot. Nordstrom gives you the chance of searching for your boot according to width, shaft height, and heel height. This allows you to get as technical as you want when it comes to narrowing down your boot choices.