Ways to Check if Someone Was in the Military

In the world we are living in, many of us hear bitter tales of con artists, phonies, and others who claim to be someone they’re not. Unfortunately, this happens all over the world. Exaggeration regarding serving in the army or lie being a soldier or a veteran is major cause people have started to do military verifications for the individuals regarding their serving in the military. On the other hand, some people are curious to know about the background of the person they are working with or are planning to work with, this gives them confidence somehow.

The military verification service website

There are several ways to check for a person’s background and confirm the fact that if they have served in the military or not. The Defense Finance and Accounting Service otherwise referred to as DFAS, is the first method you can come across while looking for anything like verification of military service. DFAS was established in 1991 to manage Department of Defense finances, after which it has moved on to providing services such as verification checks of an individual regarding their serving in the military. You can rapidly and very conveniently get evidence of military serving for both active duty and former military forces using their Defense Manpower Data Center’s service. It takes a few minutes and the record for an individual can be fetched easily.

Legislative Act

Moving forward, this is the second-way record of military service can be obtained. Freedom of Information Act also referred to as (FOIA), is also considered as one of the most accurate ways. FOIA request was established in the US to offer transparency between the US government and the citizens, just like other government documentation. Many requests for public records do not require any identification or verification on your part. You have the privilege if you’re an American citizen who would like to check for a public records archive. The provision of public documents is also supported by bits of legislation, such as the Freedom of Information Act. The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) has provided the public with the right since 1967 for every government agency, including the US military, to seek access to documents.

Use of Online Services

The good news about military background check programs online is that they offer information that is very detailed, fast, and reliable. The greatest flaw is that the program costs money to use. Sometimes, internet military background checks will get you nearly immediate results that are perfect, such as a blind date where someone has to figure out immediately if the person they see is sincere or lying to their face. Some services that can be used online are ‘Truthfinder.com’, ‘BeenVerified.com’ and ‘PeopleFinders.com’. These services will provide data related to a person not only for government services, but these websites also check for public records. It might have some advantages, however, it also has disadvantages too.