5 Golden Rules for Being a Good Tutor

Tutoring is one of the most lucrative job options that people prefer. Tutors help to improve self-esteem and confidence in learning. Also, they help to identify which building blocks a student misses in their foundation of knowledge. Excellent tutors even go further to have one on one session with the student to help them fill in the missing blocks hence establishing a much stronger foundation. Therefore, if you want to be one of the best tutors in Melbourne, here are 5 golden rules to consider.

1. Be respectful

First and foremost, you need to show respect to your students as well as other colleague staffs. One of the main reasons why you are tutoring someone is for them to get knowledge. Therefore, you need to concentrate more on passing on this knowledge in a more respectful manner. In as much as your client or student have some difficulty in understanding a concept, you shouldn’t always disrespect them. When you show respect to your students, they will also respect you back. Showing respect creates an inductive environment for learning, which is a requirement for every learner.

2. Teach confidence

Another golden rule that you should consider teaching to be an excellent tutor. One of the biggest issue with a student is that they do not have confidence in themselves. Every human being is brilliant in their own field. Therefore, as a tutor, you need to focus more on bringing out that confidence in a student. Try and make their environment confident enough for learning. For instance, you can complement them on whatever they do. Also, you can politely correct and encourage them to do better next time.

3. Be a good listener

Good tutors are good listeners. Effective listening skills make your students feel valued. This help to improve tutor-student relationship hence contributing to a safe and positive learning environment. Besides, if you are a good listener, your students can easily open up and share their concerns. Therefore, learn to listen to whatever your student is saying. Do not dominate the entire conversation.

4. Be professional

Always engage with your students in a professional manner. Any sensitive information should always be kept confidential. Also, set boundaries clean and fast. Know what you are expected of and stick to that.

In some cases, you can set rules form which you and your students operate. The boundaries should be friendly and convenient for both parties. This will make your work as a professional.

5. Be prepared

Tutoring, just like any other job, requires adequate preparation. You need some time to prepare for your lessons, subject of discussion, among other necessities. It is always not fair to approach your student unprepared. Being prepared makes you plan on the relevant topics that your student needs to know. Maximised learning can be achieved through forward planning and preparedness.