5 Instagram Accounts To Follow For Interior Design Inspiration

Accounts are abundant on Instagram that post regularly on interior design ideas. The content posted is from a wide variety of designs ranging from modern, minimalist, simplistic, to colorful, vintage, and vibrant. The accounts also provide tips on how to effectively utilize spaces, without compromising on the beauty aspects of the interior.

Before starting, it is important to note that some accounts prefer to keep their contents private and only available to their followers, interior designers are no exception. Be sure to check out tips on how to see private Instagram account posts, if you come across one.

Interior design is an inevitable part of home improvement and is crucial for many people who want to upgrade their dwellings. If you’re interested in the industry then be sure to visit and consider following the 5 Instagram accounts for interior design inspiration, to get great design tips from a wide range of styles, and different cultures.

Kelly Wearstler

Kelly Wearstler is an American designer who has been in the design industry since the 1990s. Her Instagram account regularly features interior design tips and techniques while taking into account the latest fashion trends and arts with aspects from both vintage and modern design language.

She initially specialized in the hotel industry, carrying out many successful interior projects, and has unmatched experience in that space.

Now her focus is more on developing high-end commercial and residential projects and designing exotic designs for the retail industry.

She has even conducted interior projects for well-known Hollywood celebrities in Cameron Diaz and Gwen Stefani.

 Architectural Digest

This is the Instagram page of the popular American-based magazine “Architectural digest”. Their main focus is on Interior designs, and post regularly on their account.

Their magazine was first founded in 1920 and still publish monthly, making their experience in the interior design industry for over a century.

The account is a constant feed of fresh ideas on how to make your homes more pleasing, and utilize spaces effectively with design from both modern and classic elements.

They post decorating ideas as well for every sort of occasion.

They also post magazines for different regions, several countries in Europe, and Asia. Their account also provides an insight into foreign design ideas derived from other cultures and countries, making them relevant for a wider range of people.

Emily Henderson

Emily’s posts show a wide range of design aspects, from showcasing organization techniques to sharing comfortable and homely ideas for your interior spaces.

Her designs are easy to adopt and do not require breaking the bank to achieve. Her posts show simple and well-thought ideas for making ordinary items look organized and pleasing to the eye.

Furthermore, her posts are drawn more towards a modern design practice and are feminine.

The Joshua Treehouse

Their content is focused on interior designs from a desserts point of view, using whatever you find in nature, from massive rocks to cactus plants, they integrate it all in interiors.

The Husband-and-Wife team have a radical design language and are obsessed with nature, and use it as inspirations for their posts, regularly featuring the beautiful desert sunsets in their posts.

The Jungalow

The Jungalow is the Instagram page of Justina Blakeney and focuses on integrating plants and wildlife in interior designs. Her posts offer a great insight on how to use plants in different settings in interior design.

Her posts are colorful and vibrant, and she describes her designs as “Feeling free” and “having fun”.