Common Mistakes Too Many People Make With Their Leftovers

With the effect of the Covid-19 pandemic, more and more individuals and households are rekindling their love for the kitchen; and also home cooking. Cooking at home allows you to experiment with new flavors and dishes that you never knew.

However, when you cook at home, one thing is almost guaranteed, and it is leftovers. While some of our readers might throw it away, proper storage is the best way to enjoy your customized meal the next day. In addition, you can add an ingredient or two to make the meal ideal for the next day.

If you’re interested in this, here are some mistakes that you can avoid.

The wrong method of reheating

Reheating leftovers after a busy day at work is the best way to just kick back and have a rest in the evening. Many people will just get the leftovers, stick them in the microwave for a few minutes and have the meal ready.

However, using a microwave can have a detrimental effect on the taste and flavor of the meal due to the strong waves. The case and point is pizza. Microwaved pizza often has a soggy taste.

A lack of creativity

You don’t have to maintain the same taste with your leftovers; be creative and bring out a new side of leftovers. If you have a big family, you can throw in some potatoes, carrots, and other vegetables that can revamp the meal.

If you have leftover cheese in the house, the better. What has ever gone wrong with a few slices of cheese?

Proper storage

After a hearty meal, people just leave the leftovers in the cooking pan on the oven or on the stove. This is a recipe for disaster, as the food will decay faster, making you throw away the food when you come back to the kitchen.

Furthermore, there are different ways recommended to store different foods. If you have made a salad, it is better to store the components of the salad separately to preserve the unique flavors.

The freezer

If a visitor came to your home and took a look into your freezer, they would probably find it stocked with cheese, fries, chicken, and other delicious options. While those are good for you, have you considered freezing your leftovers?

Leftover meals can be preserved for more than a day using this method. And the good thing about it is, no food is going to go to waste.

Not considering portions

They say, cooking in the kitchen is all about passion. However, sometimes as cooks, you get carried away and don’t consider the portions. With too much leftover, you lack where to store it, leading to waste.


The only way to enjoy home cooking the next day is by perfectly preserving the taste and flavors. With plastic containers ruled out for one reason or another, you might be considering switching it up to a different alternative.

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