Does physiotherapy help with back pain?

Back pain affects people of all ages. There are many causes of this pain. And the worst thing is that taking painkillers does not eliminate the source of the problem. It brings only short-term relief. In order for the pain to go away completely, you should see a physiotherapist who will help you restore your lost physical shape. The right diagnosis and holistic approach to the patient ensure that the pain is effectively eliminated. Osteochondrosis – the real battle of our time – affects the most vulnerable parts of the body, the cervical, and lumbar regions, and is a frequent cause of back pains and can even cause temporary disability. An essential element of the treatment of such diseases is physical therapy for back pain, which should be considered a set of measures aimed at relieving pain in the acute period, improving blood circulation and microcirculation in tissues, combating dystrophic disorders and movement disorders.

The arsenal of physical therapists today is extremely wide. There are two large blocks: electrotherapy and physical therapy. The methods of therapeutic massage, which are in demand so much that there is even some deficit in providing the procedure. This is not surprising, because little can compare with therapeutic massage in terms of improving blood circulation in deep tissues and the elimination of muscle blocks, which are the main sources of back pain.


As part of the most famous methods of electrotherapy allocated drug electrophoresis – a very effective means of targeted delivery of drugs to the patient’s body, improving blood flow to the tissues and conductivity of peripheral nerve fibers. Here the laser radiation in the red and near infrared ranges is used. Magnetic therapy is used as a permanent or alternating magnetic field, superimposed segmentally. Magnetic and laser therapy is used to reduce swelling and to relieve pain. Their advantage is the possibility of local impact only on the affected area, painlessness, the possibility of procedures in case of breach of the integrity of the skin.


D’Arsonval – ozonized French electric current perfectly relieves microcirculation disorders and is used to relieve itching and spasms. Phonophoresis – mechanical ultrasonic vibrations of high frequency wonderfully relieve inflammation, perform micro-massage at the cellular level, dissolve scars and make tissues soft and elastic. In addition, ultrasound has a bactericidal effect, contributing to the rapid healing of wounds.


A special role in physiotherapy belongs to the therapeutic physical training (PT). Its importance is often underestimated, reducing it to standard sets of exercises recommended for everyone. Therapeutic exercises become especially important in the recovery period after serious injuries and damages, in the postoperative period. However, the treatment and prevention of osteochondrosis has a very direct relation to it. To overcome common motor stereotypes, for example: office worker who spends a significant part of his life in a sitting position, salesman who is experiencing excessive strain on his legs, it is very important to use specially designed for them complexes of exercises that develop weakened muscles and thus prevent the development of osteochondrosis manifestations.


An extremely effective way to combat the automaticity of movements developed through repeated exercises can be to use dancing training, using strange at first glance unnatural poses typical for Chinese WuShu gymnastics, or performing exercises at a fast pace, typical for aerobics, shaping and so on.