How Do You Get Chilled When You’re High?

When you are high and you want to get chilled, there are some things you should do together with your friends rather than idling and doing absolutely nothing. Sometimes one should find ways of having themselves entertained. Here are the games to play while high with friends.

Make Stoned Eating Competition

Since there are a lot of different places to eat with friends, you can go and perform an eating competition. You can bet with your friends that, whoever stops eating first must do something for the others. You can ask the the one who lost to pay for the others during another sack. It is such an exciting activity apart from only eating since it can help to chill you down when you are high.

Playing Card or Board Game

When playing board games, in one a way or another, you will be restoring the feeling of being a child and playing classic fun games. Board games are great when playing together with your friends since they keep you focused when you go through various scenarios and opportunities. Also you can have several card games to play, including the Uno.

Go for Group Vacation

The squad vacation has more powers compared to walking alone, especially when one is high. You may decide to go for any trip around your area. Some people are always busy when they are sober and so when they get high it is the perfect moment, they can use to spend quality time with their friends. Vacations for walking will enable you as the group, gain more energy. During weekends you may find some music festivals where you may dance and chill. It is the place you can freely walk around as you enjoy the music even if you don’t like music dance-halls. It will help you to cool down and relax.

Organize Hiking

Hiking doesn’t require anything for you and the activity is the best for the squad which will only need more of your physical movements. When you visit parks or go in mountains, it will not be costly, but you’ll find yourself among your friends and will feel the calming nature around you.

Play Rock Band

A person who is high trying to playing rock band can be seemingly interesting, and they match so much since one is free to shout, dance, and sing as they can. You can play some music games too, for example, whoever fails to sing will take a draw and leave for others to continue. It is such a mind freshening game.

Bong Pong

You can stand two players against each other where you make the ping pong ball bounce towards the cup which has water and beer. The ones who succeed can fire up the joint. Additionally, when the shots are successful, one will be rewarded with beer sip or anything which distinguishes them from the losing ones.
The above are some of the games to play while high with friends since they will help in cooling your nerves to normal.