How to Automate Twitter to Get Attention And Grow Your Followers

Twitter is a platform that has too much noise. The number of its users is increasing day by day. This sounds good if someone is concerned about the number of active users on it, but this increase in number is also causing many problems to its users. For example, people are struggling with the monetization procedure. Also, there are a lot of people working for the same sort of business on Twitter, so spending hours and hours there to promote the business is a waste of time. Because you are not going to get enough engagement there due to heavy traffic. So many people instead of managing their accounts on their own are switching to automation to save their time. Because time is money when it comes to digital marketing.

Here are some tools that you can use to automate your Twitter account.


To automate your account by using this program, you need to work on certain areas. First, you need to have a Twitter account, the second thing you need is access to Twitter APIs. To have this access you need to apply through And obviously, the third thing you need is a collection of messages that you want to send frequently. Like if you have a business account on Twitter and you want to sell products through it, then you need to post frequently there to get good engagement through your clients. So, to automate this kind of account through a Python program, you need to have a good collection of messages related to your products which you want to post frequently.


It is used to maintain engagement on your account. Some people think that it is not satisfactory to use an automatic engagement tool for your account. Because in this case, you will not have any idea about what is being liked by your account. But this tool has come up with the solution to this problem. By using it, you can select keywords and hashtags that can represent your business, then it will find the people out there on Twitter with the same subjects and will engage them. Make sure to keep in mind that these tools are just to help you. You can not rely on them for the whole management of your account. You have to keep on liking and commenting on the posts. Furthermore, you must have an idea about what is going on in your account.


This tool is very visual. This is perfect for you if you want to manage an account where you upload pictures and videos more frequently. The cool thing about this tool is, it is very cheap to use. It allows you to set up a schedule on when you want to post, what should be posted at what time. It seems to be a very powerful tool to automate an account. But again make sure that it is not to maintain your account completely, you are just supposed to take help from the Twitter auto following.