Reasons Why Manual Cash Handling is Hurting Retailers

For the typical guy, having cash on his hands could be the thrill of his dreams. But not always. When you switch the situation to when you receive money and how you do it, then you have a different ball game. For retailers, this is what it feels like when you hand them money. Yes, their money is in the pocket, but it’s a ball of stress that is rolling down a mountain of snow.

Apart from petty stealing from fellow workers, there are other reasons retailers tend to avoid such situations and keep the level of certainty at a premium.

Store robberies


Yes, robbery is something that happens. This is not a crime novel or a movie. This is real life, and be ready to see that this will happen to you when you have amounts of physical cash everywhere. Robbery is ultimately the number one thing on this list because it is easy to steal and move cash that can be physically accessed.


Records are the worst thing you can ever experience when you are dealing with finances. If you have a till machine that records the number of sales that you have made on a particular day or time, you may have an idea of what we are talking about. Sometimes there might be an imbalance in the books. That means that the cash handed is not equal to that recorded by the till.

Correcting such errors manually might take time and frustration, where the small difference comes in. A good way to correct this is by using counting money machines.

Internal Theft

It’s not uncommon when dealing with manual cash in a retailing business. We cannot say that it is a sin entirely because adults need to make sure that their needs are met. And some of those needs can only be met by money. Having this knowledge in mind can act as leverage or an excuse to take money from your retailing business.

Zero to no control

Control is everything when it comes to money. But that mostly applies when you are dealing with “technological money” like debit or credit cards. On the other hand, having physical cash means that you will have to put other people in charge of how they will handle retail money.  This means that you have entrusted your control to every cashier or accountant dealing with your money.

This lack of control will mean that you will not have an overview of how cash is being handled. Therefore, hired staff can mess around and get away with it without warning. This is dangerous not only to the business but also in the kind of relationship you will be building with your staff.

Waste of time and money

Dealing with cash is a lot of hustle. That’s why retailers prefer to enforce technology such as counting money machines to make the process efficient. That way, you might avoid making yourself and other people around you a ball of stress and a collection of complaining and whining. Also, you will be able to automate the process as fast as possible and clear the path for other important tasks to be accomplished.