What is a Mission Statement?

A mission statement, by definition, is a statement that briefly describes and explains the purpose of the existence of an organization. A good mission statement is usually short, concise, crisp, and self-explanatory. It explains what the organization is responsible for doing, who its customers are, and the competitive advantage that differentiates it from other firms in the same market. A mission statement is also part of the organization’s business plan. It is usually stated along with the company’s vision statement. If you want to know more about what is mission statement, just click the provided link.

A mission statement typically provides direction to employees of the organization. An effective mission statement guides the employees into understanding what exactly is a requirement. It can also inspire the employees to achieve more for themselves and the company.

Components of a Mission Statement

A good mission statement must address the goals and objectives of the firm in merely 5-6 lines. However, while drafting the mission statement, it is crucial to study some critical components thoroughly. These components include the following


This component describes who the firm’s target audience is. The customers must get to know how the firm will benefit them, just by reading the mission statement.


The type of products or services the firm offers should be mentioned and explained in the mission statement.


The mission statement must mention the geographical areas in which the firms operate and what market is the firm targeting.


A mention of the firm’s necessary technology must also be evident.

Concern for survival

By reading the mission statement, it should be clear whether the firm is committed to sustainable growth and development.


The fundamental beliefs and opinions of the firm should be reflected in the mission statement.


The firm’s strengths and competitive advantages must also be mentioned and described in a good mission statement.

Concern for public image

This point tells if the organization is serious about being socially responsible and environmentally friendly or not.

Concern for employees

Lastly, the extent to which the company cares for its staff and how it tends to treat its employees must also be mentioned.

Examples of good mission statements

Looking at existing examples of good mission statements much helps to draft new and improved mission statements for the existing organization. Here we have a look at a couple of outstanding mission statements that follow all the required guidelines.

Toyota Mission Statement

Leading the future of automobile industry by catering to lives all around the world with the most reliable and safe mode of helping people move about. Through great emphasis on quality, continuing innovation, and courtesy towards the welfare of the planet, we aim to breach all limitations to bring a right smile to the world. Through sheer talent and dedication to the craft, we seek to take challenges head-on to make the world a better place

Google Mission Statement

To systematically order the world’s data and information and to make it accessible universally

Both of the statements mentioned above are good examples since they include most of the nine components. They are also very clear, concise, and self-explanatory.