Why People Are Using Weighted Blankets

Bedding has undergone a majority of transformations over the last couple of years. The transformation has taken place in numerous areas, for example, the advent of memory foam mattresses or cooling mattresses. Adding a new flavor to these new advancements are the weighted blankets, which have captured dense popularity over the last couple of years. These weighted blankets are extremely beneficial for the user and have a large variety of advantages that the user can utilize. The weighted blankets are basically heavy blankets that are filled with tiny objects such as pellets, glass, or discs. With varying weight, these weighted blankets are used by a large number of people only due to their benefits. These weighted blankets vary in their weight and they may range from 10-30 pounds. Weighted blankets for kids may be lighter and may be less dense in order to avoid suffocating the child. Weighted blankets yield a large number of health benefits that aid the user long-term. It is imperative to conduct research in detail and figure out why these weighted blankets are so important. Weighted blankets are an ideal addition to the house which needs to be analyzed and considered well before purchase.

Reasons for Using Weighted Blankets

People are using weighted blankets because they are soothing and advantageous for human health. This kind of blanket provides a calming effect to lower your heart rate due to the pressure therapy that it uses. The pressure therapy exerts an amount of pressure which causes a calming and soothing effect. This pressure is the same feeling as being held or hugged. The pressure also helps to reduce anxiety because it turns your autonomic system from the stress mode to the rest mode. It also helps in curbing insomnia because people who suffer from stress are calmed down and they can easily go to sleep. It majorly helps children facing Autism because feelings of fatigue may be avoided. The children are then peacefully put to sleep. Moreover, children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), who go through issues with self-control, are helped majorly because the weight of the blankets activates and exerts a sense of touch which helps them and reduces the impact of any distraction. The children are less likely to be disturbed and they may fidget less. This may also help them to concentrate more and have a strong focus. However, weighted blankets are the biggest savior for people undergoing stress and anxiety. They cultivate a sense of calm in them due to which they can peacefully go to sleep without any hindrance.


Thus, the weighted blankets are a huge support for people due to which the usage of these blankets is now being exercised in large areas around the globe. These blankets enhance attention levels and provide the individual with a strong and directed sense of focus. Weighted blankets are the best solution for you because they provide numerous benefits that you may gain advantage from over a long-term period.